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Need for a Paradigm Shift

India is at the threshold of the 21st century. The downfall of the U. S. S. R. and the success story of Glashost and Perestroika is the main feature of the second half of the 20th century. Winds of change are blowing all over the world and India is no exception to these sea changes. The transformation from regulation to liberalization, from protection to globalization, from planned economy to market-oriented economy demand a new approach to deal with all types of problems.

At the time of independence, Indian economy was developing and hence we required bureaucratic management skills. However 50 years after independence, the Indian economy has become more mature and hence we require entrapreneural management skills. Our management schools have failed to meet this challenge. Therefore there is a need to revamp our management education.

Growth of Management Education

In 1950, the Department of Commerce of the Andhra University Started the first M.B.A. programme in India. In 1963, Indian Institute of Management, Ahemedabad was set up in collaboration with the Harward Business School. The 1950s and 1960s witnessed the growth of commerce education and 1970 and 1980s witnessed the growth of Management Education in India.

There has been a tremendous growth of management institutes in our society. Every year about 14,000 students pass out of management schools. Keeping in mind the demand, the supply is very meagre.

Management courses have become 'Academic Courses' rather than 'Professional one' . Management Institutes, barring a few exceptions, have reduced to commerce colleges . There is an urgent need to restructure management education to meet new challenges of 21 Century.

Glimpses of 21st Century- Think Globally

Alvin Toffler in his famous book 'Future Shock' Says " To help  avert future shock, we must create a super industrial education system and to do this, we must search for our objective methods in the future rather than the past... Education must shift into future tense."

American thinkers, Alvin Toffler and Peter Drucker have predicted the following changes in the socio- economic life.

1. The Society of 21st Century would be the 'non- socialist and post -capitalist' society.

2.Manufacturing sector would lose its importance and service sector will make significant contribution in national income. There would be 'service revolution' in the world.

3.Knowledge and Information rather than 'capital' would be the main source of economic development. Hence there would be knowledge workers, knowledge society, knowledge executives etc.

4. Due to the information technology revolution, future business offices would be 'paper -less' . And gradually business world would move towards ' office elimination'.

5.Future business organizations would be flat, networking and ad-hoc. The organization would be virtual and learning organization.

6. The task of Personnel Manager would be more challenging as well as more difficult because management will have do deal with knowledge workers. HRD, rather than HRM, would be the main activity of future managers.

7. Factory system of mass production would totally change. Japan has already invented the new approach to manufacturing, ie. electronic cottages and lean production. Production would be of non -identical goods. The production system will go beyond mass production and the world over, the corporate sector would face the problem of identity crises.

8. Because of the information boom and communication revolution, there would be the direct contact between consumer and producer and hence the existing chain of distribution will disappear. Sky Marketing, Internet Marketing, Market Ownership, Solution marketing, Delighted customers etc. would be the new concept of future marketing management.

9. Toffler has predicated that the world would be back into small isolated complete self sufficient blocks.

10. Future Careers would be

11. Indian Corporate Sector has been rapidly changing.

New Management Education- Act locally

keepint in mind this future scenario, re-engineering of management education must be done.

1.Oue future global manger would require the following new skills.

Management schools will have to develop these skills among students.

2.Management Institutes will have to introduce new Service Sector Management Courses, like Travel and Tourism Management, Hospital Management, Construction Management, Hotel Management, Consultancy Management, NGO Management, Advertising Management, Banking and Insurance Services Management, Farm Management etc.,

3. Needless to say, courses should be need based and syllabi should be changed periodically

4.Lack of specialization is one to the problems of our MBA programme. MBA student must have specialization at least in one discipline.

5.Management is a performing art. Thus efforts must be made to imbibe work related values.

6.Mangement education must be made 'Mass Education' rather than the 'Class Education' and that too, without compromising on quality.

Henceforth, management institutes endeavor must be to develop global manager of proper knowledge, attitude, skill, insight and foresight to meet the challenges of 21st century.

                                                                            Excerpts from HRD TIMES

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